Best Magento Marketplace Extension for Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platforms

A fully-featured Magento 1.x / 2.x MarketPlace Extension that will turn your Online Store into an all-in-one Multi-vendor eCommerce
product upload extension for magento

Product Uploader

Vendors can upload products directly to the marketplace and update their inventory using a CSV file that includes all relevant product info

Manager moderation

Admin Moderation

Moderate and approve products and supplier profiles before they get published on your Magento Marketplace

Supplier can view sales report, manage products, shipping and more

Supplier Dashboard

Supplier / Vendors can view sales report, manage products, manage shipping and more

supplier profile manager

Profile Manager

Admin can define supplier profile structure and add both internal or external metadata

Suppliers control all shipping arrangements and costs


Suppliers control all shipping arrangements and costs which are then processed by one central shopping cart system

Magento marketplace extension Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports are available for both Admin and Supplier, showing product sales, orders status updates and revenues

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allows vendors and suppliers to create, update, track and manage their products and orders through a supplier account in your Magento® eCommerce store.

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Magento marketplace extension Notifications

Custom Notifications

Admin can customize the content and format of the notifications sent to Marketplace suppliers

Product categories- Dropship extension for magento

Product categories

The Admin can define the product categories available on their site as a guideline for new suppliers

Product Attributes

Suppliers can define a number of attributes to create a series of product variations, such as color, size, and more


Admin can define and customize the percentage of the fee charged from each supplier

Supplier Profile

Suppliers are given a public profile, where customers can leave product reviews and rate their service

Bulk uploads- Dropship Magento Marketplace extension

Bulk Upload

Suppliers can upload a large number of products and update inventory data in bulk using a CSV. file

Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Videos

Give suppliers the ability to upload products and manage inventory using a separate dashboard in the store’s front-end 

Add multiple custom fields to the separate login and registration forms for vendors. Specialize your store and vendors to any industry

Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension Add Ons

Ability of the store manager to transfer money to vendors directly using PayPal

Marketplace PayPal Vendor Payments

Supports the ability of the store manager to transfer money to vendors directly using PayPal. Each vendor just need to add his Paypal account email inside his profile page. The module support automatic and manual mode of money transfer

Customer can decide whether they want to pick up the product directly from the store

Marketplace Multi-Vendor Pickup Time

When a customer purchase an item from the store they can decide whether they want to pick up the product directly from the store. This module let the vendor define the time slots in which the buyer can come to the store to pickup the item.

Support adding a subscription plan for vendors

Marketplace Vendor Subscription

Support adding a subscription plan for vendors. The plan restricts how many products each vendor can create based on his subscription plan. Admin can set how much each plan costs. The subscription plan is created as a virtual product and vendor needs to purchase this in order to activate the subscription.

Set delivery date during checkout for specific items in the cart

Marketplace Schedule Delivery Date AddOn

Adds the ability to set delivery date during checkout for specific items in the cart. Customers can choose when the ordered item should be delivered to them. They can configure delivery date for each product found in the cart during checkout when shipping costs are selected. Vendor can define which products can have this feature enabled.

Allows to build manageabl dialog between customers and vendors

Marketplace Questions and Answers

Allows customers to ask the vendors question about their products from the product page, vendors can answer the customer privately or publicly (means the question and answer will be published on the product page after admin approved it). All questions and answers are manageable also in Admin panel.

Allow admin and vendors to manage return requests of products

Marketplace RMA

Allow admin and vendors to manage return requests of products. Customer can open a return request. If approved by admin or vendor the product can be returned and the refund is managed by admin.

Allows the vendor to use the merchant’s Fedex account to calculate shipping

Marketplace FedEx

Allows the vendor to use the merchant’s Fedex account to calculate shipping from his origin and create shipping and labels directly from his vendor dashboard (requires Fedex approval for label creation)

Allows vendors to enable price suggestion by customers

Marketplace Bargain Price

This is an auction module for the Multi_vendor Marketplace. Allows vendors to enable price suggestion by customers. Vendor can set the initial product price and also accept a price offer from customer. On the product page a small form appears and customer can suggest what price he would like to pay. If vendor accepts the offer, product is added to cart with suggested price.

Vendors can define CSV file and used it for daily update of their inventory

Marketplace Inventory Updater

With this addon, vendors can define CSV file which be used for daily update of their inventory in marketplace installation.

Vendors can have their own custom domain and bind it to their profile page on the store

Marketplace Supplier Redirection

This addon allows to bind custom domain to profile page. Thanks to that, vendors can have their own custom domain and bind it to their profile page on the store with Marketplace extension. Eg. Admin defines that vendor A have domain When customer enters this url he will see vendor A profile page.

Splits products in order into multiple orders per each vendor

Marketplace Order Split

This addon splits products in order into multiple orders per each vendor. If a customer has several products in his cart that belongs to 3 different vendors the addon will create 3 orders, one for each vendor with all the products which belongs to him

Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento FAQ

Can the Marketplace administrator control which products to publish on their online store?

Absolutely. The Marketplace administrator can determine which suppliers can be trusted to freely upload products and which suppliers require admin moderation and approval.

The built-in notifications system will notify you whenever a new uploaded product requires moderation and approval and will also notify suppliers when their product has been approved, moderated or dismissed.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there an automated system for delivering payments to suppliers?

Not in the standard edition. The extension includes an admin billing system that lets you track pending payments to vendors, but the actual payment is done manually based on the agreed fee.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

What is the admin fee for selling supplier products?

The admin can determine a default fee for all supplier sales, or create a custom fee for each supplier based on mutual agreement.

To learn more about Sales fees for vendors on your store read this Help article.


How will store payments be processed?

All store payments are processed via a single shopping cart. Using the admin billing system, the Admin can then distribute earnings to suppliers based on the agreement between them.

Will suppliers have access to my admin account?

Absolutely not! Once opened, each supplier account is given it’s own front end dashboard from which they can edit their profile, manage products and orders and view reports.

To learn more about how the Vendor Panel works see this Help Article>

How many suppliers can I have on my store?

There is no limit to the number of supplier accounts that can operate on a single Magento store. However, if you plan to have lots of suppliers selling many products, be sure to acquire an adequate hosting plan.


Can Vendors add the promotional banners ?

No, but vendors can add the special price during the promotion period or sale.

Can the admin assign a product to the seller account?

Yes, This extension includes the feature of back-end admin product assignment for a seller account.

Does this extension have the option to turn on the Vendor Verification ?

Yes, Vendor verification option allows admins to manually approve the vendors’ profiles after registration, or have it approved automatically. .

Does it allow vendors to show a notification message on their store/product pages if they are on vacation?

No, This plugin does not have seller vacation mode feature but can be customized.

Does the extension support APIs for managing the marketplace?

Yes, the extension works with the default Magento API as well as custom API methods for the extension, the available API calls can be found here.

If one order combines multiple products from different vendors, Can the order be split between the vendors?

Yes. The default behavior splits the products between the vendors – If you would rather create a different order for each vendor then you should check out the Order Split addon.


Can vendors control there own shipping price?

Yes. Each vendor can create three different shipping methods in settings: Free, flat rate, and table rate – that can add shipping costs based on price, quantity or destination

Learn more about vendors shipping prices in this Help Document

Can vendors automatically update their inventory on the marketplace?

Yes. By using the Inventory Updater add-on vendors can add a link to their self hosted inventory file and it will update from this file on a daily basis.

Learn more about the inventory updater add-on by clicking here


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